Park Fitness Video 3 – Press Ups

Box Press up – Level 1
Start on your hands and knees, shoulders above wrists, arms shoulder width apart. Looking down, tummy tight, Lower your chest , Push back up.

Press up from knees – Level 2
on your hands with knees further back, lower your chest to the floor. Push back up.

Press up – Level 3
on your hands and toes. Lower your chest to the floor, and push back up.

This is good for: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps (back of arms)

1 Plank

2 Lunge

3 Press Ups

4 Squat

5 Jacks

The exercises are designed to work the major muscles in the upper and lower body, your core (including your lower back) whilst getting the blood and oxygen flowing round your heart and lungs. Incorporating functional exercises into your daily routine allows the entire body to work together to produce optimal movements.

Benefits: improved balance, better posture and coordination, increased strength, and decreased chance of injury.

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