Pavilion Gardens Active Trails 2k Route

The 2k and 5k route are the official parkrun and junior parkrun routes at Pavilion Gardens. These consist of two laps of the route for the 2k, and three laps of the 5k routes, to make up the distance of each, so you have the option of trying out one or two laps of these routes, either as a walk or jog whenever you choose, to familiarise yourself with the routes, or to use to begin to increase your fitness levels.

The junior parkrun 2k is currently the proposed route for this soon to be launched new event which will take place every Sunday at 9am. More details will be announced when available! The 2k route map is available to download below.

Individual Routes

1 Plank

2 Lunge

3 Press Ups

4 Squat

5 Jacks

The exercises are designed to work the major muscles in the upper and lower body, your core (including your lower back) whilst getting the blood and oxygen flowing round your heart and lungs. Incorporating functional exercises into your daily routine allows the entire body to work together to produce optimal movements.

Benefits: improved balance, better posture and coordination, increased strength, and decreased chance of injury.

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